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Being an intermediate school educator, I fully believe in educating yourself and others to the best of your ability. Our district calls our school libraries Learning Centers as it is more than just books, but a place with several resources of learning. To stay with the continued support of educating there are several resources available to hobbyists to learn and grow. Below are links to materials to help continue your growth in the hobby. Materials from us are produced by our publisher Herpetological Publishing and materials from outside sources and links are credited towards those authors.


Latest articles 4/28/2014:


This installment of The Learning Center is focused on water dechlorination.


Do you keep large enclosures, aquariums, or garden ponds that require large fills or water exchanges? Checkout the latest article Activated Carbon Dechlorination PDF download.


Another natural form of neutralizing chlorine and chloramines is the use of vitamin C. Acrylic Tank Manufacturing has a product called Paradigm (video) that utilizes this natural method. For further background see the article from USDA Forest Services division on Using Vitamin C To Neutralize Chlorine in Water Systems.


Discussion on the natural dechlroiation has been started on

Poison Dart Forum: Natural de-chlorinator.


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General Amphibian Information:


A nice resource to have available is the CITES Amphibian Identification Guide. It is a good way to identify species and see some of the species that pop up in the trade both legal and illegal.



Have you ever wanted a "Behind the Scenes Tour" of your favorite zoo? Here is a post we put up in 2013 on Poison Dart Forum of our tour of the Saint Louis Zoo Herpetarium. Saint Louis Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country.



General Health Issues:


Our latest article was distributed through The Reptile Report. We hope you find Amphibian Emergency Care and Supplies helpful.



Chytrid (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) also known as Amphibian Bd


What is Chytrid? Here is a link to a great article from Amphibian Ark. Please support them!


Treating Chytrid in Captivity PDF Download


Looking for a place to test your frogs? We use and recommend Research Associates Laboratories. As of March of 2014 Chytrid test and Ranavirus test are $18 each.




Ranavirus is an incurable pathogen that is spread with contact from one amphibian to another and lacks symptoms. An excellent read on the topic has been produced by the American College of Veterinary Pathologist. Because there is no treatment, it is important to quarantine all specimen that test positive with the pathogen.



Fecal Exams


Fecal exams are typically best completed by someone trained in how to prepare the sample and trained in determining the parasitic infection. Paul Rust of the Northwest Amphibian Rescue put together one of the best tutorial guides I have seen on the subject: How to do Fecal Exams



Visual Inspection

If you are looking for a tool for magnified inspection in your vivarium or of your animals see our review of the ProScope Micro Mobile by Bodelin Technologies.



Vivarium and Care:

Why buy coconut huts? Make your own! DIY Coco Hut PDF Download


Vivarium and Care instructions are directly taken from our book Poison Dart Frogs: A Guide to Care and Breeding. Please consider purchasing our book if you are new to dart frogs.




There is more to come! Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!